At my current client, we are going to be using a single SharePoint Document Center site that will contain multiple libraries for published, enterprise documents. The document types will be “logically” different and managed by different publishers, so we want to keep them in separate libraries, but would like to keep them in the context of a single document center site collection in order to better control the governance and storage of these documents.

As a side effect, this means that we will not need the default and very generic “Documents” library, which is what the “Upload a Document” button on the welcome page of the document center is set to upload to by default.

Ideally, I would like to make use of the new “content organiser” in order to route documents to the correct library and folder based on the content type and any metadata field values, but I would like to also keep the nice and easy “Upload a Document” button for quick and easy uploads.

Fortunately the solution to this is very simple:

Edit the welcome page from Site Actions, and then click on the “Upload a Document” button. You will see this is actually just a content editor web part, so from the ribbon, under “Editing Tools” / “Format Text” click the HTML drop-down and then “Edit HTML Source”.

Replace the reference to the “Documents” library with “DropOffLibrary” i.e.:

<div class="ms-uploadbtnlink"><button onclick="javascript:OpenNewFormUrl('DropOffLibrary/Forms/upload.aspx');return false;" type="submit"><nobr><img alt="Upload a Document" src="/_layouts/Images/uploaddoc.png"/> <span>Upload a Document</span></nobr></button> </div>

Save or stop editing the page and your done! The “Upload a Document” button will now default to uploading document to the Drop Off Library!