I am an independent developer consultant available for contract work via my company Imprise Limited.

I have worked with large, international organisations and have delivered solutions from initial inception, requirements gathering and analysis through to the successful development and delivery of systems.

With over 15 years of experience writing software on the Microsoft stack, I am principally a web / ASP.NET developer, but with a deep and broad knowledge of IT covering all layers from the network, OS and database through to the frameworks, languages and principals used to develop software.

Recently, I have become versed in advanced client-side JavaScript patterns, especially in conjunction with the AngularJS framework.

A natural problem solver, I am pragmatic, easy-going and enjoy working in a good team of like-minded people. I have been a mentor to many developers and will always try to help and share knowledge when needed.

I have experience across the whole application development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, stakeholder engagement, agile project management (Scrum), development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

I am looking for varied and interesting projects and people to work with, particularly involving web, mobile and the cloud.

Recent projects

My most recent project has been to design and develop a client portal which provides up-to-date information, news, and financial dashboards to the lawyers and partners in a large international law firm.

The system takes advantage of the portal and wiki-like page editing capabilities of SharePoint 2013, while all the bespoke parts have been built on a standard Microsoft stack of SQL Server 2012, Entity Framework 6 Code First, C#, ASP.NET MVC and Web API. The client components are all written in AngularJS.

The components, or App Parts, are surfaced to the portal using the SharePoint Add-in model (previously known as the App Model) which is hosted on an on-premises SharePoint farm, while the custom components run outside of SharePoint on standard IIS Servers.

Personal life

Aside from technology of course, I am also passionate about music and a long-time musician, with guitar (electric, folk and classical) being my strongest instrument and piano a more distant second.

I have a great appreciation for the sciences and I am a big fan of popular science books. I will happily wax lyrical (i.e. bore my friends half to death) on cosmology, quantum mechanics and / or general relativity if given half the chance.

I also enjoy playing and watching tennis, cycling and following Formula One.